Unsorcery Sessions

Unsorcery session at Atelier 35 Bucharest
Usorcery Sessions are mixing workshop and performance formats with twisted therapy and spiritual practices. They are based on Unsorcery concepts and practices.
Centered on:

Love Body (Second Body): based on a practice of adding an affective sensibility to everyday behaviors, a second attention that might make one drift out of the anatomic body towards a love body. We don't know what a love body can do.
Fear darkness: it amplifies a sensibility for darkness that is felt as fear, as a quiver that permeates the body, possessing it, making it unknown. Fear is the substance of darkness and the royal bridge to the unknown. A bridge that we will have to cross rather soon, as society as well. 

Undreaming: a capacity of entering and exiting realities by activating different aesthetic sensibilities. If, as in many cultures, dreaming is what makes a world appear (the simulational capacity of consciousness in the West), Undreaming can be what makes a reality dissipate into another, through the process of waking up, maybe in a performance, maybe repeatedly.