Unsorcery session at Atelier 35 Bucharest 

Unsorcery composes and explores ways of sorcery that can eventually surpass or undo some of the contemporary realities and subjectivities. It is an Artworld involved in a productive alienation from concepts through experience and from experience through thought. Unsorcery was an environment in which Alina Popa and Florin Flueras were working together, each following their own path, doing their own practices, texts and performances around the concepts:

Life Programing /Artificial Life 
You Are (durational life)
Life Programing (text)
Artificial Life (text)

The Clinic
Esthetic Entities, Artworlds (text)
The Artworld and the Artworld (text)

Black Box (text)
X Horizon: the Black Box and the Amazonian Forest (text)

End Dream
Dreaming the End of Dreaming (text)

Dead Thinking
Dead Thinking 1 (text)
Dead Thinking 2 (text)

Second Body
Second Body (text)
Second Body and the Multiple Outside (text)
Black Hyperbox
Launching text:
Now, when we realize that our ways of seeing, being, feeling and behaving are equivalent with the extinction of life, there is a kind of nostalgia in the air. Maybe we can go back before the world was disenchanted, before we lost the contact with ourselves and with nature. Before the witches were burned for our malevolent thinking to be accelerated. Maybe we can have again a more complete and meaningful relation with the environment. Maybe we can reduce the distance from nature and be nature again. Maybe something can be done for the human to be re-animated, sensible, empathic and to feel again - and perhaps this life enhancement will bring back the hope and the future will exist again... Unsorcery starts where these hopes end and the remaining options are rather negative, dark and dead. Unsorcery entails negativity and darkness as paths of knowledge departing from the unknown and the unknowable thus aligning itself with the via negativa of the mystic tradition to embrace an impossible cognition and a horrific affect. A heretic rationality and an affective oscillation between the neutral and the worst. The Unsorcery technique proposes concepts and practices such as Second Body, Dead Thinking, End Dream that we don't know where will lead but are oriented in a different direction than both the current capitalist religion and the nostalgic re-sorcery of world and nature. Hope you are ready for Unsorcery because there is no other hope.
Unsorcery launch at Salonul de Proiecte